simple bookmark craft

To keep the girl occupied when I was packing for the big move, I showed her how to make homemade bookmarks by recycling some old “Bordersbookmarks.


We glued a piece of white paper (you can use colored ones too)  to cover the old bookmark, trimed it to size, punched a hole at the top and decorated it with markers, stickers and/or glitters. Finally, add a ribbon for the finishing touch. We made 1 together (the one on the right), and she was left alone to decorate the middle one while I continued with my packing. After several minutes, she surprised me with a 3rd one which she did everything by herself! 🙂

4 Responses to “simple bookmark craft”

  1. oh.. a good one. Will have to do that with my gal. She loves to decorate. : )

  2. Remember to blog it down! 😉

  3. Yup, good idea. Will def do that with my 2 gals.

  4. thanks, Shireen. 🙂