chinese new year crafts

The girl’s teacher has invited me to talk to the children about CNY tomorrow. So, I have to prepare some materials for the “presentation”.

What is CNY without the Dragon? So, I made one this morning in just 45mins! Looking good, right? I’m so proud of myself! Hahaa… Chinese New Year dragon puppet craft
The girl is very happy with this craft. She was dancing to the music of CNY songs with the dragon! So cute! It definitely brings out the CNY mood!

A few days ago, the girl helped me to make some greeting cards for the red envelopes (Angbao). She helped to cut the pictures, apply glue, stick them on the blue construction papers and inserted them in the angbaos. We will be distributing these angbaos to the children at the end of the presentation. πŸ™‚

Chinese New Year cards

Ah… CNY is just round the corner and I am feeling a bit stress out now because I haven’t even started cleaning the house, planning for the reunion dinner and making the pineapple tarts! The only thing we have done is to put up the CNY decorations all over the house and these are just some of them! πŸ˜› …

I is stressed ah…

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7 Responses to “chinese new year crafts”

  1. Girl, no need to stress lah.. your house so clean already.. πŸ™‚ Looks good and clean (at least from the picture).. You are so hardworking to put these up every year… pei fu! btw, did you print and color the dragon head? Nice job (Nikita)!

  2. Err… of course cannot let u see the mess la! No, I found a dragon picture from the web and drew it freehand, then painted it with the markers. πŸ™‚

  3. Cool dragon! Remember to post some pictures of Nikita’s classmates and presentation πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year…..

    p.s kekeke…. I can recognise the 12 hand-drawn Chinese zodiac animals…. from last year, right? If I am not wrong….seen it in last year’s post. Smart of you to recycle !

  4. Nice Craft! Look at all the craft and work Nikita did on the wall!

    I stress too … also havent finish spring cleaning.;p

    Here’s wishing you and all at home a very Happy Lunar New Year. May health & wealth be with you all year round! ?????

  5. Dont worry, you are not alone… my hse is in a mess also… my girls even can comment… Wow!! So messy!(Hello!!! Dono who created all these mess… -_- )

    Anyway, take it easy lah… every year also like tat… kekeke ;p

    Wish you & family A Prosperous & Fatty Pig YEAR!!!
    With Many Good Health & Wealth!
    $$ Gong Xi Fa Cai $$

  6. At least you managed to get the deco up. Our home is rather bare save for the two pots of plants and some hahah diy efforts. Don’t be stressed. Have fun and I’m sure the kids will enjoy it. Bring some sweets along too.

  7. wah the dragon looks so nice, so real. draw with freehand somemore. you are a good artist. house looks good, all well decorated with cny’s decor. all done and ready to celebrate the new year.