my poor little chilli plants

This morning I was chatting with my mom on Skype. I was so happy to inform her about my chilli plants finally bearing fruits after 2 years of planting. Then I asked her how to get rid of the aphid (a kind of bug that grows on plants), she told me to use insecticides or soap water. Then I asked her if insect repellent would work, she said maybe. So, i went ahead to spray some on the aphid-infected plants. Who knows… 2 hours later, my chilli plants started to wither. Boo-Hoo-hoo…..

This is my beautiful chilli plants before I spray that lethal insect repellent.

I am so sad now.

trip to Salem MA

(Date: Oct 14, 06)
For the past few years, we always try to make a trip down to Salem, Massachussets, during the month of October. If you love to see people in their Halloween costumes, Salem is the place. Not only the people, sometimes you can even see dogs in fantastic costumes too…

There are lots of interesting Festival of the Dead events going on for the whole of October, like the Bazaar Bazaar featuring vendors, live music, entertainment, crafts, food, and more. (Do look up the Calender of Events on this site if you are visiting.) We chose to go to Salem last Saturday because there was a Costume Parade and Contest event for the children at Salem Commons and we wanted to dress Nikita up as a Hello Kitty witch (the costume we brought from last year Sales :P)…

With tough competitions out there (see below pix), it wasn’t a surprise that our dear Ah-Ta didn’t win the contest. πŸ™‚ The winner is the little boy in scarecrow costume (center pix) – really a stunner and totally cute! We love his makeup and crow-hat. The runner-up is the sleeping baby in little chick costume. Boy, can he sleep! He slept through the entire parade and contest, and won the title just like that! So easy, right? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

After the contest, Nikita had her first pony ride. We were really surprised that she wasn’t even scared to ride on the pony by herself.

Then, we headed towards our favorite photo spot, the “Friendship” at Salem Maritime National historic site, to have our picture perfect family photos. The little one then had a great time feeding the seagulls with the leftover oyster crackers from the seafood lunch we had nearby.

We noticed there are more interesting Halloween exhibits around the town this year. We spotted an antique “Ghostbuster” car, some new scary wax figures, and a real-life “??” ghost standing by the pillar at the pedestrian crossing, waiting to scare those unsuspecting passerby.

We headed back home thereafter. All of us have enjoyed ourselves very much and I am sure we will be back next October to celebrate Halloween in Salem again. πŸ™‚