mid-autumn festival craft


Our first Mid-Autumn festival decorations! The girl and I made a few simple lanterns (from toilet paper tubes) and we hang them up with the Chinese lanterns that we got from Singapore last year. Now, we just need daddy to be home, so that we can light our lanterns and go for a walk in the night! Hehe…

(PS: Mommy scared of dark la… so cannot bring the girl out by herself! :roll:)

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5 Responses to “mid-autumn festival craft”

  1. Love the lanterns. .and envy.. Nikita.. because she gets to learn all our chinese culture.. wherelse.. we can’t get lanterns here. Bummer..!

  2. Eating any mooncakes? The mooncakes there good or not?

  3. kekeke….are you serious….mummy scared of dark ah….got the light from the lantern mah…plus there nikita there….

  4. Mamabok, i know… i couldn’t find any here too… that’s why i have to ask my mom & in-laws to send some over.

    Erika, never tried before leh… and we don’t dare to try them becos they are there like *forever* with no expiry date.

    my2lovelyrays, really scared… u know we don’t have bright street lights here… so, it can get really dark and that is very scary ok.

  5. Aiyo, lucky you didn’t go out alone with Nikita on the street, DH not around, better be extra careful. Yup, think the streets over at States are not as well-lighted as the ones here in Singapore.You are right to be careful, CM !