flume gorge, white mountain

Two weeks ago, we drove 1.5 hour to the Flume Gorge, White Mountain. This was second visit for both DH and I (we visited 5 years ago) and our first hiking trip with Nikita. We were surprised that the foliage on the mountains have already turned color and almost peak before October.

When we reached the destination, we had our picnic lunch of fried beehoon (vermicelli), curry chicken and fruits, before we hike. DH said, “This picnic lunch is so YUMMY!” and he gobbled up everything like a glutton. :lol: Haha. I felt so happy and appreciated whenever he said something like that. It makes waking up 2 hours earlier to prepare this meal worthwhile. :P

After lunch, we went straight into The Flume. There is bus service available for visitors, which brings them to within 500 yards of the gorge entrance. But we didn’t take it because my very garang DH thinks that he is still a strong young man. :roll: Of course, I didn’t complain much since he’s the one who would be carrying the 26lbs toddler (wow… heavier than a bag of rice!) on the baby carrier, through the 2-miles scenic trail.

Thank goodness we have the baby carrier and Nikita is *still* not too heavy for DH to carry. We had totally forgotten the condition of the path and the distance of the trail. The hike was not too difficult, very relaxing and enjoyable. But there are slopes and stairs so it is definitely not a baby stroller friendly park.

After a slow walk through the woods, crossing a river on a historic covered bridge, we finally reached the trail that leads uphill and through the Flume Gorge. The above picture shows the 800 ft. long natural gorge at the base of Mt. Liberty, see how the walls of granite rise perpendicularly? It is really spectacular! The moses, algae and unusual flowers and fruits that grow on the granite walls were also very interesting to look at. They looked like mini-rainforest themselves. At the end of the wooden broadwalk, we saw the 45ft. waterfall upclose. Then, we started hiking back to the visitor center. On our way back, we were pretty amazed to see so many huge boulders scattered around the woody park. Quite an unique landscape.

Half way through, we had to take a break because the old man DH was getting tired. While taking a break, we joked with Nikita…

“Nikita, now your turn to carry daddy.”

“No, daddy. You are too big and you will spoil the backpack.”

“Then, you carry mommy. Mommy is lighter.”

“No, mama. 你已经长大了(you are grown up).”

“那你也大了呀, 为什么你可以坐呢? (Then why are you sitting on it when you are a big girl already?)

“因为我还小.” (Because I’m still little.)

:lol: That was a pretty good reasoning, don’t you think?

Daddy said, “Quick, take our Spider picture!!”

Can’t see the “spider”? Click on the pix! Haha… 😆

13 Responses to “flume gorge, white mountain”

  1. wow…the food looks nice…the scenery looks superb….hard on your hubby lor, got to carry Nikita on his bag, not easy not easy….

  2. Such a nice hike…but poor daddy, have to backpack Nikita. Haha, she looks like a li’ princess sitting on that baby carrier.

  3. Wow..! salute you .. prepared so much food some more.. before a huge trip. Nikita and daddy picture is really nice.. 🙂

  4. That is really fun! I bet with nice weather too… at least you guys wont be hot and sticky from humidity 🙂

  5. Yes, salute to you! Wake up 2 hrs early to prepare the food, that’s 101% dedication. Love the sceneries, and what a wonderful way to spend time as a family.

  6. char beehoon with curry … yum … yummmmm …
    u are such a loving mommy and wife … your DH very lucky 🙂
    if me ah, …
    “ok everyone, lets drop by MacDonalds for lunch.”
    heeheee …

  7. Peifu your hubby… so STRONG! Must be the strength after eating your fried beehon! 😛

  8. psst..CM, need some of your creative ideas.. please read my latest entry on the blog.. xiexie! 🙂

  9. delicious picnic food. love the pictures, thanks for sharing. you three sure had a fun time. =)

  10. Beautiful pics! Gd workout for your hubby! 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing with us your family’s wonderful trip! The photos are great!! And your food… drool drool drool… yummy!!!

  12. Wow! Nice scenary + picnic. I like the spider pic… so funny |)

  13. Wau… your spider at the end really sets me rolling off my chair. Damn…damn comical 😉 Very innovative of you to think of that….kekekekekeke……