autumn & halloween crafts


We did these crafts a few days ago – Autumn leaf wreath and string of Jack-o-lantern-and-Ghosts.

Instructions are here and here.

They were supposed to be Halloween door decorations but I took them down almost immediately because I was afraid of… *blush* hantu (i.e. g-h-o-s-t… boo.. boo…) knocking on my door when my DH is away. 😆

They were easy to make, but the girl & I are kind of bored with this type of “cutting & pasting” craft projects. *yawn* It is time for the lazy mommy to look around for new craft ideas. Any suggestions?

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10 Responses to “autumn & halloween crafts”

  1. Cool Stufff…!! thank you for sharing.. 🙂

  2. haahaa … ya, i scared of hantu too …

  3. your little pumpkins and ghosts look very cute 🙂
    haahaa… am scared of hantu too …

  4. Am v inspired by your crafts. May I know @ what age did u start doing craft with her? My child is now 22 months. What kind of craft wld u recommend for a start?

  5. Mimy, I started early with NIkita,probably when she was 18mths old? There are lots of crafts u can do with your child but it really depends if your child is ready/interested in doing them. For a start, I would recommend crayons (young children size for better grip). If he/she is interested in crafts, u can start introducing finger painting (messy but fun. However you have to get those non-toxic paints.), play dough (non-toxic type or u can even use homemade ones). But if your child likes to put everything in his/her mouth, then these are not advisable. Have fun!

  6. Lattern festival coming up! How abt doing a lattern with her?

  7. CM, are you going to dress Nikita up for halloween? Any DIY costumes that you have in mind?

  8. Thks for sharing. 🙂
    I’ve never given him crayons b4.
    He’s been using color pencils though.
    & YES, hez also swallowed play dough!:P

  9. Mybabies, oh ya… maybe i should do it. We have lots of toilet paper tube, maybe can use them to make some lanterns. 🙂

    Erika, Definitely!! This year she can either be a pumpkin fairy or a hello kitty witch. We already got her costumes ready from last year sales! 😆 DIY costumes… i am too lazy to make myself la….

    Mimy, you’re welcome. 🙂

  10. CM, WAH! So kiasu ah! So are you going to dress up too?