autumn craft

Autumn comes early this year. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and we are getting more rain now. It is really cooling out there, around 70F ( 21deg C). Some trees have already changed color… like the one near the Public Library. We were there yesterday, and Nikita had a great time picking up the colorful leaves from the ground.

And we brought back a handful of these autumn leaves home for a simple craft project. Here’s the collage of Nikita arranging & sticking the colorful leaves on a piece of construction paper, which we then framed them up after we were done.

End product …

Very pretty, right? πŸ˜‰

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10 Responses to “autumn craft”

  1. very pretty indeed! I’ve got some questions, do you have to dry those leaves again? Or will they still change color after months? And where did you get those frames? Michaels? A nice suggestion on how to decorate house inexpensively! πŸ™‚

  2. yea very pretty. well done nikita! very nice that your mommy always have new ideas on projects!

  3. Very pretty indeed..!!

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  5. Erika, I think the green part will turn brown, the the rest of the color will stay pretty much the same or slightly darker in color for at least a few years I guess. My friend did a similar one a few years ago, and it is still looking good. I guess you will need to make sure that the leaves are dry and press them in between a thick, heavy book so that when u do the project, the leaves won’t curve. (i didn’t do it because i thot i wud repeat the project next year. :P)

    Anyway, i surf the net and saw this detail instruction on how to preserve the autumn leaves… click here.

  6. Wow! The collage really looks so pretty leh!! well done!! too bad we missed seeing the leaves change color. Nevermind lah, got you and nikita to show us, also good lah!! ;D

  7. Arrh… are those maple leaves? So nice…

    This is what I like about seasonal countries, it’s always so nice to see the nature changing with season…It’s let you feel like…ok, this season you dont feel happy, nvm next season coming, be happy!

    Like a kind of mood booster and Nikita, she always make me smile πŸ™‚

  8. Good for you! You guys are so creative.

  9. Wont the leaves disintegrate after a while? I vaguely remember that to preserve the leaves, it’s best to apply a layer of lacquer.

  10. The craft looks awesome! Wish we have such fall colors here…it’s still feel very much like summer.