another handprints craft – sunflower

Idea and instructions from here.
I just love doing the handprints crafts with Nikita because she is very involved in the making of the craft, from the start till the finished craft. For this project, I helped her to trace her handprints and cut them out, but she painted them with the poster color herself. Then, she pasted those small rectangle-shaped magazines cutouts onto the center of the flower, and stick the flower on the disposable chopstick(which she had painted green earlier) with scotch tape. Simple yet pretty sunflower, don’t u think so?

See how happy and proud she looked with her sunflower? It is the same smile I see each time we complete a craft together and because of that, it makes me want to spend time doing crafts with her… even when she might stain her clothing or create a big mess for me to clean.

8 Responses to “another handprints craft – sunflower”

  1. nice sunflower! She does look like she’s enjoying herself during her craft time with you.. how long does it usually take for her to get a craft done?

  2. Yer house must be full of stuff made by you and nikki..! that’s so wonderful..!!

  3. Wow! My favourite sunflower! Very pretty hand-made flower indeed πŸ˜‰ Hey, I might try it out too cz’ the sunflower really looks great!

  4. So nice! thanks for sharing! will try to do it with Jojo soon!

  5. Thanks for the idea! Must try doing it with my kids too..

  6. Erika, usually around 15-30mins at most.

  7. The sunflower is as sweet as Nikita πŸ˜‰
    I agreed with you… these are the joy we enjoyed with our kids though the aftermath is mess and dirt. However, sometime I cant be help but to rush through the session to prevent further destruction :p

  8. How sweet, arts & craft time with Mommy. I can feel your pride in Nikita’s work πŸ™‚