handprint lilies craft

Craft idea from here.

Materials you need :
1. White paper (or any color paper you like) x 1
2. Paint – we used the 3 primary colors – Blue, Red, Yellow.
3. Disposable chopsticks – to be used as stems, u can also use straw if you like.
4. Scotch tape

1. Paint your child’s palm and make a few handprints on a piece of white paper.
2. Paint a few leaves for the lilies and the disposable chopsticks green. Set aside to dry.
3. Cut out the handprints when the paint dries.
4. Curl the fingers using either a pencil or a scissors. Outward/inward depends on your preference, but make sure you curl it in the same direction.
5. Using the palm of the handprint, form a cone (with the fingers curling outwards). Tape or glue the cone together.
6. Insert and tape the chopstick onto the cone (the tip of the cone(lily) should wrap around the chopstick).
7. Finish up the lily taping the leaves to the stem.

Tada! You have got yourself a beautiful handmade Lily! )
This craft is really easy to make and the toddler totally enjoyed it. The only thing is it can be quite messy because of the paint. So, remember to wash the little one’s hands immediately after you are done with the handprinting.

By the way, do you know that handprint lilies is considered as Easter crafts too? I didn’t know till I come across this site. Apparently, children’s handprints create this symbol of Easter that represents purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life—the spiritual essence of Easter. )

The little one said, ” I am going to give these flowers to daddy when he comes home.”
Ah… 爸爸真的没有白疼你!

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