hand and foot Rooster craft

Craft idea is from here. Since it is not Thanksgiving yet so I modified a bit and made a nice ?Rooster? with Nikita instead. P

You will need :-

2pcs of white paper
Paint (we used poster paint) – Red, Yellow, Peach colors
Construction paper or cardboard

1. Trace around the child’s hands. U will need 3 pairs.
2. Trace around the child’s feet. 1 pair.
3. Draw a round wattle, a beak and 2 feets for the rooster.
3. Paint the wattle, beak, feets, footprints and hands prints.
4. Cut out the parts after the paint is dry.
5. Glue the two footprints together to make the rooster’s body.
6. Paste the wattle and beak and draw 2 eyes for the rooster.
7. Glue the handprint “feathers’ to the back of the rooster.
8. Finally, attached the 2 feets to the rooster.
Tada! U have a rooster now! ;)

We then pasted the rooster onto a construction paper so that we can put the rooster up on the wall.

This is a very easy and interesting craft. The toddler will be very excited to see how her hands and feet can be “transformed” into a rooster. She can help to paint the parts and apply glue but the adult will have to help to assemble the parts together.

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