chinese new year zodiac wreath

This morning, we did the chinese new year zodiac craft, idea from here. It turns out better than I expected. Instead of using their animals? template, I drew the animals myself so that Nikita could help me to color the animals.

First, I guided her to draw the outline of the circle using the circular biscuit tin cap. Then I drew the pictures and she helped me to color the animals a bit. Because there are so many animals, she got a bit impatient half way through the project, so I had to complete the coloring all by myself. When I finished the coloring, I cut out the circles. Then I got her involved again by asking her to pick out the animals as I stapled the paper together to form the wreath in the correct zodiac order.

She got really excited when I placed the wreath over her and asked me to take a picture of her. Haha. Anyway, this project is very simple and not very time consuming if you just cut out the animals from the template they provided in the webpage. It?s quite a fun project and I recommend you to do it with your little ones. )

Click on this picture to see the bigger picture of the wreath.
Chinese New Year Zodiac Craft

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