We had our mid-autumn festival celebration last Saturday. Our friend, the Day family invited us over to their house for a belated summer BBQ -cum-mid autumn get together session.

I prepared the Day?s favorite Hokkien-style glutinous rice (???) and radish cake (???). We also brought along a box of moon cake which in-laws got especially for them, and some fancy paper lanterns for the children. The Day family prepared some tasty fried fantail shrimps, grilled pork chops, BBQ white chicken meat and corns. They even got us some delicious and exquisitely arranged tuna, salmon and avocado Nigiri sushi and a bottle of Napa Valley red wine.

By the time we finished our hearty dinner, the sun had also set. The children could no longer contain their excitement (me too! *blush*), so we geared ourselves up (it?s turning cold now, so we got to put on some light jacket) , lighted up our paper lanterns and went for a short walk around the yard. It was really fun and sure brought back my many fond memories of walking around the neighborhood, with my sisters and neighbors, carrying our nice lanterns?

After we were done with the lantern walk, we headed back inside the house to enjoy a few slices of yummy ?lotus with single egg yolk filling? moon cake (??????) , a cup of hot chinese tea and talked the night away.

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